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e-Oftalmo.CBO: one year old!

e-Oftalmo.CBO: um ano de idade!

Carlos Augusto Moreira Júnior

DOI: 10.17545/e-oftalmo.cbo/2015.31

With this fourth issue of e-Oftalmo.CBO, the magazine has completed its first year of circulation. As a completely innovative magazine, it uses all Internet tools and the various media available at its disposal. It is a twenty-first century magazine in a time when information published on the Internet is increasingly widespread and within everyone’s reach. In other words, e-Oftalmo.CBOis a magazine of the present that anticipates the future.

This initiative has only been possible thanks to the latest board of the Brazilian Council of Ophthalmology (CBO) to whom I would like to thank, particularly Dr. Milton Ruiz Alves and the excellent team of professionals involved in this electronic magazine project. Despite all of the collaboration efforts we have received, there are still difficulties and challenges to be overcome, asexpected for any scientific journal that is just starting out.

Therefore, 2016 will be a consolidation year for e-Oftalmo.CBO. We hope that, starting next year, all involved authors will freely contribute their articles using the magazine’s official site. This measure will significantly streamline the editorial process and will increase the number of contributions in all fields of research, thereby enriching the magazine’s content.

e-Oftalmo.CBO: The future of scientific publications has arrived!



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